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About "Night Vibes Hong Kong"

Many people's lifestyle habits changed following three years of a global pandemic. To create a dynamic vibe in Hong Kong with a view to attract citizens to go out and revitalise the city's nightlife, the Government has launched the "Night Vibes Hong Kong" campaign to unite different sectors of the community to organise events with unique and creative ideas.

A wealth of diversified "Night Vibes Hong Kong" events with local characteristics will be held from around Mid-Autumn Festival, running across National Day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year until early 2024. Taking place all over the city and covering entertainment, arts, culture, consumption and more, these events cater for people from different age groups and sectors.

Not only can citizens and tourists join various kinds of exciting activities, but they can also enjoy discounts offered by different organisations.

We encourage Hong Kong people and tourists to actively participate in the "Night Vibes Hong Kong" events, feeling the vibrancy and energy of Hong Kong's nightlife together!